Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services? (Hint: They're People- and Pet-Friendly Too!)

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Chances are you’ve seen the phrase “eco-friendly” (or some variation thereof) on lots of products, particularly those used for cleaning. But while sounding generally positive, it can be a vague term with varying qualifications. This can leave consumers suspicious, and rightfully so—especially when it comes to signing up for eco-friendly cleaning services. But eco-friendly doesn’t have to equal deceptive, nor do you have to be an environmental expert to make an informed choice about the company you’re considering.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services? (Hint: They're People- and Pet-Friendly Too!)

Evaluate if eco-friendly cleaning services are legitimate with one intuitive question—how will they clean your home?

  • Materials: The number of paper towels, disposable sweeping or mopping cloths, vacuum cleaner bags, and even cleaning product packages used to clean your home may not seem significant, but over weeks, months, and years, it adds up. And if your cleaning service relies heavily upon these items, chances are the same practice applies with many of their other clients too. Reusable cloths and mop heads, refillable bottles, and bagless vacuums can go a long way to keeping not just your house but the planet clean as well.
  • Product ingredients: If it’s harmful to you, children, and/or pets, it’s probably not great for the environment either. Cleaning agent chemicals that can pollute waterways and disrupt ecosystems once they go down the drain include bleach, ammonia, and anionic surfactants (found in solutions like detergents or carpet cleaners).
    • VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) are typically gases at room temperature. While the VOCs responsible for outdoor air pollution are mainly generated by fossil fuels, frequent exposure to/inhalation of these compounds from products, including air fresheners and sanitizing sprays, has been correlated with asthma and other respiratory issues.
    • Several nontoxic solutions serve a variety of cleaning purposes, are readily available, cost effective, and inexpensive. These include vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon juice, and more. While housekeeping companies may not always employ these as a matter of course, many (like ours) are happy to use what you request if you supply it. You can also consult the EPA’s Safer Choice product list for manufacturer offerings with fewer hazards.

Getting information on the practices and products a cleaning company uses before you sign that service contract should take just a few minutes—but if you need eco-friendly cleaning services now in the Blythewood, South Carolina area, call our team at Queen’s Cleaning Services. We’re ready to help you find an eco-friendly solution that works for your home!