Real Estate Agents: Do You Tell Clients About Moving Cleaning?

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As a real estate agent, you know the business of buying and selling houses can be fast-paced and fun! While many of your clients are excited about the prospect of selling a home or moving into a new house, there is one important detail that’s easy to miss: moving cleaning.

Real Estate Agents: Do You Tell Clients About Moving Cleaning?

Many homeowners feel they have to tackle packing and moving all of their belongings on their own, not to mention the need to clean and disinfect surfaces before handing over the keys. One of the best ways to help your clients with turnkey services is to recommend moving cleaning by professional cleaners, who can help them move in or out with greater efficiency.

Moving cleaning is an ideal service for real estate agents to recommend for two reasons:

  • Save Client’s Time & Money – Your clients are going to thank you when you recommend professional moving cleaning to them as they pack up their home or prepare to move into a new one. Not only does this eliminate the time they have to spend cleaning every inch of a house, but they won’t have to spend the money on cleaning supplies either.
  • Turnkey Homes – As a real estate agent, you want your clients to be able to buy and sell homes quickly to make your clients happy. Your newly listed home will be turnkey for the next buyer with professional moving cleaning services. All you have to do is open the door. Homeowners who have recently purchased a home can confidently move in without feeling they need to re-clean everything to enjoy their new home purchase.

At Queen’s Cleaning Services, we are equipped to help with moving cleaning of all scopes. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can partner with you to make moving day easier!