Choosing Between a Monthly or Weekly Cleaning Service

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Once you have made the decision to hire a cleaning service to make your life easier, the next thing to think about is how often you would like them to come to your home. The two most common options are a monthly or a weekly cleaning service schedule. There are valid reasons for each, so let’s outline why you might choose one over the other.

Choosing Between a Monthly or Weekly Cleaning Service

Monthly Cleaning Service- A monthly schedule is generally sufficient in any of the following situations:

  • Families who don’t spend much time at home, so the house stays relatively clean for longer stretches of time.
  • Families with members who are home a lot and have time to handle much of the cleaning, but enjoy having a professional do a more thorough cleaning on occasion.
  • Families who do not entertain guests very often or otherwise have no pressing need for a spotless house on a regular basis.
  • Budget can only manage monthly cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning Service- A weekly schedule is ideal for the following situations:

  • Families who spend plenty of time at home, but have a busy schedule that doesn’t leave time to handle housecleaning.
  • Families with pets, children, or frequent guests who might not be very tidy.
  • Entertaining often and want to make a great impression.
  • Desire to have a spotless house as often as possible.
  • Family members with health conditions that need a clean home to better control symptoms.
  • Families who would prefer to spend their free time doing more enjoyable things than cleaning each week.
  • Desire to have a consistently cleaner home than one has the time, energy, or experience to accomplish.

Whether you fall into the monthly or weekly cleaning service category, reach out to us at Queen’s Cleaning Services. We can accommodate your budget to provide the cleaning frequency and services you desire at your Blythewood, South Carolina home. Our prices are affordable and your satisfaction is always our number one priority. We offer office cleaning, too!